Thursday, March 20, 2014

Decorating Desk Space Ideas

Here are a few tips you can use to decorate your desk and your office chair. I have used a table runner before on my desk. I find it works nicely. It not only adds a touch of color, but it creates a completed space. Some other options you can use for decorating the top of you desk, is cut up a sheet you like to the width size you want and drape over desk. You can even use a throw blanket, fold in threes and drape over. For your office chair, I use a pillow and a throw blanket to tie in my office chair with my desk. The pillow I use is really comfortable for my back as well as having a throw blanket right behind me, gives me the option to use on really cold nights. Below I have posted some photos of what these look like.

Throw Blanket to add color

A sheet I folded in threes.

Gold throw blanket with a cream color pillow.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I would like to hear any comments you have. If you have anything to share, please do. I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you! 

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