Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Odor Control

I personally do not like it when my closets, car, trash cans, bathrooms, cupboards, shoes, bedrooms, etc... either it smells really bad or there is just no scent to smell. So what I have came up with which works nicely is using the car fresheners from the automotive section at a store or even Auto Zone, Peppy Boys, etc... I do not open it all the way, I only pull out the tip part of it so the scent wont be strong of a scent to where it would be too strong to have in a closed off area, like the closet. Unless of course you like strong scents. I like this method because I feel I can control how strong I want my closets to smell and the scent lasts for awhile. I have one hanging in my closet on my clothes rack, one in all of my trash cans which I place under the garbage bags. There are so many scents out there to choose from; Jasmin, Lavender, Morning Fresh, New Car Scent, Cinnamon Apple, Vanilla, Peachy Peach, just to name a few.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I would like to hear any comments you have. If you have anything to share, please do. I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you!


  1. You can also put some coffee grounds not used of course in your car and they help obsorb orders as well. Cat litter and newspapers work also. Tip for smokers if you make sure you close your ashtray before getting out of your car that also cuts way back on orders.Fran

    1. Hi Fran,

      WOW, that is a very interesting tip for coffee grounds. I know the cat litter works well. But if you could please explain a little bit more about how newspaper absorb odors. That is something new to me and I would like to be educated on it. Thank you for being a part of my blog. I enjoyed reading what you wrote.