Sunday, March 23, 2014

Self Love Technique

A while ago, I was researching on how to get motivated to do things in life, whether its to organize my place, walk everyday, figure out what I was going to do to live a productive life for myself. I found a method, which works, even for my boyfriend, which is a shocker! What I did was I made little pieces of paper with the rooms that I want to work on and organize, so like, bathroom cabinet, medicine cabinet shelf 1-3, linen closet shelf 1-6, personal hygiene closet shelf 1-6, coat closet, first two dresser drawers, etc.... I really broke it down, instead of doing bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc... it felt really overwhelming to just write down one room at a time. I would look at the room and say to myself, FORGET IT!! so that's why I broke it down to smaller sections. I folded all of the little papers and put them in a mason jar with a lid and set it on my desk. I pulled one out and the first one said, linen closet shelf number 3.So I pulled everything out from the linen closet for shelf number 3, and did my clean out (purging) and my organizing for the shelf. It took me about 20 mins to do it. Then I kept the little piece of paper and I put it in my decorate urn, yes you read it right an urn, I have on my desk.  Every so often, I will look at it to see everything that I have accomplished.  Once I was done with that shelf, I was energized to do more, so I started again, and pulled out another piece of paper.

 Another good thing that works, is everyday, choose five items to work on for the piece of paper you have pulled from the jar. So for example: This time I have pulled coat closet. What I am going to do is pull 5 things I want to get rid of and I am going to do this everyday until its time to organize it and get it to the way I want it. I tried this method before, but, for me, I wanted a little more of a challenge so I did it the first way I've talked about. Just remember it doesn't matter how fast you get it done, what matters is that you got it done and should feel great about all of your accomplishments you have made. Plus now, your closet is not only clean, but organized and it will help you to keep the stress down and you will be able to know where everything is.

My second mason jar I have is called my Health Missions. In this jar, I have many missions I want to incorporate in my daily life that pertains to health. To name a few, one of my pieces of paper states, drink one bottle of water daily for a week, walk 5 mins a day, say hello to someone everyday, and more. So they are like good habits!! As you know, I broke these up as well instead of saying, eat healthy, work on social phobia, drink more water. So now, after a week has gone by, I will re-write another piece of paper that will say, walk 10 mins day, drink 2 bottles of water a day, say hello to two people a day. So as each week goes by, I will have added in more and more challenges for me to accomplish. Just remember to pull a goal each day. Oh and its decorative.
Here are the post its I use for my goals in my mason jars. I cut the sticky part of it off so they don't stick together.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I would like to hear any comments you have. If you have anything to share, please do. I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you! 


  1. This would be good for kids, too. For chores or for homework. How about for trying a food they might not be thrilled with.

  2. I think this would be great technique for kids. However, I feel they would need more of a feeling of accomplishment, something to look forward to, for when they do meet their goals. So with that being said, perhaps choosing a reward to where they can not resist the work which needs to be done to get that prize at the end of their mission. So here's an example: Calista gets a dinner plate with fries, fish sticks, and vegetables. She sees everything on her plate and she starts eating her fries first, then moves on to her fish sticks and now is full and wants to go play but is not able to until she eats her veggies. So this is what I would do. I would first have her sit down at the table and I would explain to her why its so important to eat her vegetables. I would explain to her what the rewards are for eating them. So in this example, I will use star stickers. Every time she eats all of her vegetables, she will get a star placed by her name on a chart, when the boxes fill up with stars, then she will get a barbie doll at the end of the month. Then, I would serve not only her but the whole family vegetables first, (I will choose carrots for this example), which I will only put two carrots on her plate. Once she eats the two carrots, I then will serve everyone at the table, the rest of the meal, fish sticks and fries. Then for her next meal which will be the next day, I will do the same technique but add in more carrots. Each day, I would continue to add more to her plate until I felt she is getting her portion size. This is a really good way of getting kids to eat what they don't like, because one, they are hungry, so whatever is in front of them, there is a better chance for them to eat it. Two, out of mind out of sight. If they don't get to see right away what is coming up next for dinner, which is their favorite, fries, and fish sticks, then its not going to be a tease for them. Whats not there is not visible. Three, she will see everyone else eating their vegetables. Setting good examples will always have an impact around you.

    Thank you so much Debby for posting a comment on my blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have replied back to you as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I would like to hear your comments.