Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chicken, Beef, Vegetable Broth and Bouillon

Oh yes, I am famous for cooking with broth. I use broth and bouillon in many different ways. I first off came up with this great idea by using chicken broth or bouillon for cleaning up a jar of white sauce for noodles. I just don't like it when I make fettuccine and I pour the sauce in the pot and there is sauce stuck to the sides of the jar. I use to use water but where I live today, the tap water isn't so great. So so this is how I do it. I boil up 1 cup of water and drop in a bouillon cube until it boils and then I pour it in the sauce jar and shake it up. Then I pour it in the pot. It is so much yummier. If I use broth from a can, I will pour in about a cup inside the jar, no heating is required. Then I shake shake shake, and pour right in. I use the beef broth of the red sauces. I use the vegetable broth for boiling vegetables. Tastes so good. Sometimes I will drink a cup of the bouillon as a replacement of hot tea or hot coco. It soothes the tummy.

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