Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Job Seekers Assistance

Years ago, I was a homemaker for many years which in my eyes, too long, until we both decided to create a life of our own. I remember thinking back to myself, now what am I going to do with my life now. I have no one to support me, I don't have many skills since I haven't been to work in years and to top it off, I did let myself go some. No one is going to hire me looking like this and not having many, if any, skills to get my foot in the door somewhere. I had no money, which its not like I can wake up and say okay, I'm going to enroll in school to learn skills so I can get a job. I was still waiting on my alimony so I could get by until I can get a job. To make matters worse, the economy isn't doing so great, so now I had another thing working against me. So I got online and started to fill out applications anyway, and hope that I would receive a call from a company who would like to interview me. After applying to about 20 companies every two weeks, with no call backs, really worried me. So this is what I have done. I first off, polished myself up to not only look good, but to feel good about myself. I put on some makeup brushed my hair, painted my toe nails, and I even dressed up some, even if I wasn't going out that day. So now, I feel good. It took some time getting ready but at least I made a positive accomplishment for that day. I then, looked over my resume and cover letter to see if there are any updates/changes I needed to make. I next, sat down with my computer, and I typed in every store I was going to apply to. Then, I typed in every company I would go on a regular basis to. So for an example: Wells Fargo Bank, Starbucks Coffee, Safeway and Luckys, Rite Aid, and so forth. I then, would go on each website to see how they want their applicants to apply, whether its in store, or online. If it was in-store, I would print out a cover letter and resume and go to the store and ask for a job application. I would turn in the application by speaking with the Hiring Manager and then I would go home and write the day I applied and the Hiring Managers name. If it was online, I would apply online, and again, keep a log of when I applied. I would wait for two business days, and I would give the store a call asking who the hiring manager is and if he/she is available. Once the Hiring Manager answered the line, I would ask them if they have received my application from online. Next, I would wait for one week later and I give the store a call and ask the status of my application, whether you have applied in store or online. Meanwhile, I was holding a mock interview with a friend over the phone and rehearsing in front of the mirror so I can watch myself to see if there would be something to change to make it better. Soon enough, I have been getting call backs. I was so excited to know that companies want to meet me. So I went for this job interview one day and the Hiring Manager said to me, I see you in here all the time. You buy the Vanilla flavored Starbucks coffee drinks. I thought to myself, very impressive! She knew the flavor of my drink. She really pays attention on who comes in her store and what they buy. She then told me about the job and asked me when I can start. So now I have learned, to apply to places I am a regular customer to better my chances of getting a job and to be persistent.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed writing this post. I would like to hear any comments you have. If you have anything to share, please do. I look forward to reading your comments. Thank you! 

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