Sunday, April 20, 2014

Other uses for Hair Conditioner

For all the ladies out there. One day I ran out of shaving cream and it was kind of late to even go out to the store to buy some. So I was thinking on what I could use in replacement of the shaving cream. I have tried shampoo which works but not as good as conditioner. Yes, conditioner. I found that it not only makes the legs easy to see when shaving but it also acts as a moisturizer for the legs. Where I live now, the water isn't so great, it caused my skin to get very dry and was pealing after awhile. But now, my legs feel like a baby's butt. Amazing! Here is the conditioner I use. 

$3.99 at Grocery Outlet

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  1. Did you know if you have no hair conditioner you can use a small amount of liquid fabric softener it works as good. Keep out of your eyes.