Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recognition from Work

Here is a really nice idea to have evidence of you work performance with future employers you apply for and even getting hired on with a new company. While you are still with your employer now, collect any pieces of evidence you can get on paper of your performance with that company. So say, your company has a recognition board for others to put up a note on the board of your performance. Collect them before they get tossed out tape them on a piece of paper and file them away. What I have also done, was called up former employees I have worked with and asked them to send an email of what they thought of me as an employee. Some replied and some didn't. That's okay! You are starting the process of evidence of your hard work you have given while being employed. In addition to having the evidence, it also helps to know, where your strengths and weaknesses are so if you want to improve on some areas, you have the feedback of where improving is needed.

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