Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eclipse Curtains

Hey Everyone,

Where I live, Redding CA, is a HOT place to live.  There are many of times when it has been over 100 degrees.  My room gets so hot because of the sun shining through every morning causes the air conditioner to always run which causes a high bill for that month.  I had dark colored curtains hanging up which didn't help what so ever.  So I have found these curtains called Eclipse Curtains which they have at Walmart, Target, a few other stores.  They work GREAT!!!  They keep the heat out of our room which helps because the air conditioner isnt running constantly and now the bill has been so much cheaper than it was when I had regular curtains hanging up.  The air conditioner now stays at 75 degrees and hardly runs. The room we are in gets to be the hottest room of the house. Even though, the curtains are on the pricey side, $44 per panel, its the best investment anyone can make. Better yet, I got each panel on sale for $23 plus an additional 5% off with using my Target card!  What a DEAL!!!


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