Challenge 3: Comfort Zones

Would you agree, that living life to the fullest, which challenges us on a day to day basis, to build a stronger,  powerful and more positive minds? Even having a better outlook in life. I know for myself, I am in a comfort zone, and sometimes its very hard to get out of.  I feel, I am missing a lot in life that I can be seeing, which is of course, by choice. I choose to stop feeling safe in one place and start building a better life for myself.  Along the way of getting out of my comfort zone, I will be able to handle situations better. So with that being said,  here is a challenge I have for you to become a better, powerful, stronger, person. I challenge you to do one thing a day, that is out of your comfort zone. I would love to hear what you have done today to start your process of your journey.

Challenge 2:  Having a Balanced Life


  1. Write down categories of your life. You can have as many categories you want. I chose to have ten. ( Money, Self Improvement, Mental and Physical Health, Environment, Spirituality, Fun, Community, Family and Friends, Job/Career, Love)
  2. Once you have your categories, draw out that many columns on a piece of paper. Example: I am using ten categories, so I will have ten columns on my paper.
  3. Below your categories, number 1-10 (1 represents the least amount of satisfaction, and 10 being the greatest satisfaction.)
  4. Next, circle the number that represents how much you are satisfied with that area. Example: In my columns under Money, I circled number 4, Self Improvement 2, Health 1 and so forth.
  5. Once completed, write down all of the categories you feel you need to improve in.
  6. Next, Start setting goals for each of those categories you want to improve.
This challenge ties in with the Self Love Technique.

*****I have posted a blank form of this chart and a goal setting chart if you would like to use it. All you have to do is look under checklist and its named Balanced Life Worksheet.  *****

Sample Balanced Life Worksheet

Challenge 1: Bringing out the Positive

Things you will need:

Pen or Pencil
Small size paper
Jar, or box

Starting today, I challenge you to write down one positive thing about you a day, on small pieces of paper, fold them up and decide where to keep them. You can keep them in a keepsake box, a pretty candy jar, a bowl, what ever you want to use. I want you to do this for thirty days. Part two of this challenge will be posted in thirty days.

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