Helping Others

Hi Everyone,

As you all know, I love, and I mean love, to help others who are in need help.  So I have added a page for any fundraisers that are out there and would like to get the word out.   Its a good idea to remind ourselves each day of how grateful we are of what we have and who we have in our life's.  With that being said, lets all come to together and consider donating to any of the fundraisers below.  A dollar will bring them closer to there goal.  Thank you and God Bless!!

Help to give these sweet babies a fair shot.

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  1. I thought this is a neat idea don't know if I am posting this in the right area hope so.Can you nit? I was at one of my local churches and had prayer with one of the ladies anyway they had nitted these mini prayer shawls. They are about the size of your palm. They are made in diffrent colors and they had attached a small paper note to them explaining what they are. I just thought that this is such a neat idea and so simple you could even hand these out if you like, Fran

    1. Hi Fran,

      Yes, I do know how to knit. I enjoy making hats and scarfs and selling them to those who like my work. I also give them away as gifts for the Holidays.

      I really like your idea on making prayer shawls. Such a wonderful way to give as a gift specially in a rough time that someone maybe going through. Do you have a photo of what one looks like?

  2. Sorry i some how lost your site. Yes i can send a pic of that shawl.

  3. Hey ladies just really wanted to warn you if by chance you wear those slide your feet into house shoes beware. Not the ones that go between
    your toes. Anyway now i know why when my mom was in rehab they would not let her use them. the front of the shoe has the tendency to bend back under your foot. to make a long story short the pair i had caused me to fall 2 times this last time i fell which was day before yesterday causing me to fall against the porch and i almost broke my shoulder. Those shoes are now in the trash. So please be very careful with those shoes or pitch them. Fran